Looking to strengthen inner capacities of your team? Need an expert to design a tailor-made solution and facilitate learning of your team? I specialize in topics of interpersonal relationships, problem solving, motivation, change management..


What is the most important challenge in your life right now? Bring it into the empowerment coaching sessions and get ready to dismantle its power over you. Empowerment coaching sessions are designed to strengthen your inherent capacities and wake up that desire to win BIG!


Do you have a specific goal or a desire you want to make true, but it seems impossible? During an emotional healing session we will explore the deeper root cause which is blocking you from making your desire come true and unblock it.           

Solutions that we want are already inside of ourselves and inside of our team. They are just sleeping! Many times we loose the big picture and are unable to wake up that full strength, special skills and unique value that is hiding inside each and every one of us. That’s what I love to do – wake up that hidden, sleepy potential in every individual and every team! I am not only passionate, but borderline obsessed with analyzing human behavior and crafting solutions to improve people’s professional and personal lives. My knowledge, skills, passion and drive are rooted in extensive education and more than 12 years of professional experience in diverse international settings. What I believe makes the biggest difference though is empathy that I feel towards every individual and dedication in finding that perfect solution for every team.

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    Hrvatska verzija dolje ↓ So, here I am on Monday at 21:42h struggling like never before to publish yet another weekly blog post. Writing and publishing my blogs is actually the easiest part of all of my job. It only takes couple of hours of my time, and topics are about
  • martylux
    [C] Photo credits: Charles-Albert Diatta Hrvatska verzija dolje ↓ “On our bus there is a slogan SMALL COUNTRY WITH BIG DREAMS. That’s a good message to all. You have to believe it’s possible. You have to have a dream and ambitions, and then maybe it will come true – in football

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