Martina Širol


I am a training facilitator, coach and entrepreneur with a very original experience. I have left my home country Croatia at the early age of 24, after a Master’s degree in Social Studies, to live in the Netherlands and then join the European Commission in Luxembourg. I had the opportunity to work in different cultures and languages, which made it a great asset to develop a carrier in coaching and training people from different backgrounds and cultures.

I had obtained two masters’ degrees in the field of social studies, with focus on education, human psychology, leadership and individual and group counseling. Through my rich experience and numerous interpersonal exchanges with people, I have developed interest and skills on emotions management. I realized that quite often people I met were shaped by emotional traumas that remained unsolved. Therefore, making the link between communication challenges and past reminiscence, I have decided to put an even bigger emphasis on emotional management, coupled with my technical knowledge of soft skills, human psychology and relationship dynamics.

Through the years of working with people and studying interpersonal communication both in private and professional areas, I became not only passionate, but obsessed with self-growth and interpersonal relationships, spending almost all my free time looking for new techniques and testing them.

I have been working as a trainer since 2008 developing and facilitating training programmes for governmental agencies (AMPEU – Croatia, HRDC – Bulgaria, SNJ – Luxembourg), universities (University of Zagreb), European Commission (EUROSTAT), and for and with numerous NGOs and NGO networks (SEEYN – BiH, Conscious Movement Luxembourg, Association NET+ – Croatia, The Movement Lab – Luxembourg, Alfa Albona – Croatia, Femininity Academy – Luxembourg, MAGNET – Serbia, etc.)

Being a natural fast learner and able to adopt swiftly to new environments, I have been in leadership roles and roles of high responsibility since my first experience as a girl scout leader at the age of 13. My experience culminated in OCRA Worldwide, an international trust company, where in two years’ time I became a head of international department and corporate director with responsibility for administration and management of over 80 corporate structures, coordinating a team of three in-house employees and over 30 agents across the globe.

Thanks to the combination of my technical knowledge and skills and my diverse personal experience, I became an expert in topics of interpersonal communication, problem solving, motivation, cultural adaptation, personal and emotional growth and project management (including organizational skills and time-management).